Textile Industry Solutions

Textiles field is, since the beginning, one of the Sirtres core business. Where we still are improving our technical image introducing our SINVEX sleeves for calendering and embossing counter-rolls.
Our SINVEX plastic sleeves are succefully replacing convetional materials like WOOL-PAPER and COTTON,
with superior performances and working life time.

In the meantime we have introduced many new applications in the antistick area, focusing our improvements
on easy cleaning process for rollers ( both metallic and rubber lined ) were dye, adhesive, latex and other stickingmaterials make buildups.

Such applications for untisticking performances are made by our TEFLON FEP and FEP HT heat shrinkable sleeves
and by spray and plasma fluorocarbonic coatings.

Further on we manufacture machine parts such as bushings, sliding pads and gears made by HT – HP polymers .