Sizes don’t matter

Technoplymers are natural species evolution…. They feature so good mechanical and physical performances, stiffness, tenacity, high temperature resistance, static and dynamic loads resistence and very long ageing time, as we can easily replace metals

With up to date manufacturing processes and carefully selected materials, SIRTRES is the best partner to help you side by side in developing and making very small and complicated part as well as very big ones up to 2000 mms of diameters, to better replace heavy materials items.


We transform substances


We utilize most advanced technologies, injiection molding, last generation CNC machinery, and addictive production process.

Our CNC have ultra high speed rotation tools with up to 30000 rpm for extremely precise drilling and milling operations even with very small dimensions up to few tenths of mm.

Every time side by side with you


SIRTRES is always with you, to help making the solution to ever growing needings that modern projects ask for, daily.

Our technicians are proud of their dozens years of experience in making high tech polymers parts and are able to propose new ways and new solutions to your needs.

Our certifying UL, CSI, ISO 9001, let us drive our focus on very specialized markets.









Every industry field is compelled to improve processes and profits, our components are born to outperform any challenge.

Ask and we’ll give you solutions. High performances polymers are our daily bread, our experience is the way that assure we can supply the requested answer.