Paper industry is a very demanding field where non-stop production is compulsory due to high speed of the process
line, thus frequent maintenance stops are really cost effective and so to be avoided as much as possible.

In this scenario, our TEFLON FEP and HT applications are well positioned to solve particles buildup problems and reduce the maintenance due to them. We have successfully covered bowed rolls, process and nip rolls either rubberized or metallic.
A various number of different problems have been also solved with our SINVEX SR and SINVEX SRB plastic sleeves
on cast release and graphic papers embossing, in the corrugated carboard production, where a leader company has based an entire new line of machines on our products.

We would like also to mention our huge experience as problem solving company with high performance polymers, machined in finished parts like bushings, sliding pads, gears etc etc. and our possibility to supply polyurethane coated rollers and surfaces, when paper abrasion become very aggressive.

Nip Roll Sinvex - Paper Industry