BIG PARTS, at your service
24 June 2020

With our High Tech Polymers we make it BIG!
Today, with “BIG PARTS”, do exist the possibility to make pre-formed parts, or even, if you don’t need very tight tolerances, almost finished parts in our…

…with low cost tools, financially sustainable even for low or medium quantity orders. Our material feature a very good mechanical strength suitable for a large quantity of application both in cold and hot environment and even in contact with basic or acid fluids and inside or outside ambient.



The rim of this forklift wheel has been obtained directly from mold except some fasten holes and central hub seat.
This is a “segment” of a complete cable winding drum from a mobile winding device and it has been obtained finished from mold.
In this picture you can see a olive harvesting machine part 95% finished from mold.
Another classic application is this Ø 400 mms. multi-groove pulley, where the sole processing has been done in the center hole and on the grooves.

Last but not least, hereunder an application in the defence field, consisting in a two or three part item that is inserted between the rim and the tyre in military vehicle aiming to allow, even in case of catastrophic puncture, to run continuously since reaching a safe place.

These are some of the application actually in use, as told, this tecnology is almost limitless; your fantasy and your needings have the possibility to realize pieces up to 300 Kgs. in weight.
We are at your complete disposal to study and solve your problems: we are waiting for you!