Plastics Engineering

Company Profile

SIRTRES starts in 1983 and his target was to sell technical parts made by engineering plastics
to fulfil the demands of the growing market.
The plastic SINVEX sleeves for textiles calendering and paper & paperboard embossing were, since the beginning,
our main commitment.

With our Teflon heat shrinkable sleeves made in FEP or FEP HT we provide since many years a smart covering solution for pressure rolls ( NIP ) and coating rolls/spreader rolls.
With the above two solutions we can afford many applications in the industrial sectors of textiles, paper, converting, packaging, plastic films and foils.
For all the above applications we are assure a high grade of technical and commercial service.

Application Sectors


Plastic and polymers application for textile machinery


Polymers parts for paper machinery


lifting feet and pins plastic solutions


Plastic transformation for electric parts