Innovation Plastics


SIRTRES starts in 1983 and his target was to sell technical parts made by polymers to the industry market.
Back to the beginnings SIRTRES has always been a leader in development of new solution to fulfill the growing market demands.
Our flagship products, since the beginnings, have been the TEFLON FEP C and HTC heat shrinkable nip and coating roll coverings and the SINVEX SR NAT plastic sleeve for calendering and embossing machine counteroll, for which we provide a technical and commercial service and a typical quality to the customer needs in textile, paper, converting, packaging and plastic films industries.

Application Sectors

TEFLON FEP C and HTC heat shrinkable sleeves for rollers in converting industry


SINVEX SR NAT sleeves on calenders for paper industry


SINVEX SR NAT and SRB plastic sleeve for paper production industry


TEKNAR J sliding pads and TECAST BM cast stabilizer feet for Lifting industry


heat shrinkable silicon sleeves in MEKTON ST-DG for electric industry


mechanical and physical performances, stiffness, tenacity, high temperature resistance, static and dynamic loads resistance


Give us a lever, and we will lift up the world.