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Sirtres was established in 1983 with the target to supply components in plastic materials by means of machining semi finished shapes as well as using the several other processing methods. Sirtres are suppliers of FEP and FEP HT heat shrinkable sleeves for rubber covered nip rolls and coating roll / Rivestimenti antiaderenti in FEP e FEP HT per rulli , SINVEX sleeves for calendering and embossing / Manicotti SINVEX per calandratura e goffratura Rivestimenti antiaderent HARDTEF Guaine termoretraibili per isolamento MEKTON® ST-DG Soprategoli per aspi avvolgitori

Sirtres is certified ISO EN 9001/2000

Along the way we started to work in the roll covering field, and we have become a reliable partner for the textile finishing industry and for plastic films production and converting industry.

We are able, in a very short time, to supply real uncommon solutions for calendering and embossing counter rolls on modern or very old machine calendars.

We do the same for rubberised nip pressure rolls and coating rolls providing a really antistick surface in fleurocarbonic resins to obtain really superb performances for production quality and lifetime. This solution can also be applied on metallic rolls.








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